nursing informatics 14

Part 1-Read the assigned chapters, and the article by Ronquillo and weblink in week 3. Then, find an online video that demonstrates data, information, knowledge, and wisdom in a realistic or simulated healthcare scenario. Copy/paste the link to the video into your post and double check that the link works. If the link does not work, go back to the video and attempt to open in a different type of browser. You may not use a video shared by another student. Once you have copied a working link to the video, describe in 1 paragraph how the 4 elements are present in the scenario found in your chosen video. Provide relevant information from the textbook chapters read this week. Be sure to reference the specific chapter in APA format.

Part 2- (also due by Thursday ) This will be an attachment to your main post. For this activity, pretend that you are the staff educator on the unit of your choice. The nurse manager states there have been multiple complaints from residents/clients that all the staff does is stare at screens (phones, tablets, computers, etc.). The residents consistently complain that they feel unimportant because of this. Create a one page flyer (Word, Publisher, PowerPoint) that would be hung in the nurses’ station on how to better connect with the residents/clients when screens (phones, tablets, computers, etc.) are involved and attach to your main post. Make sure your flyer looks professional and engaging and upload as a one-page PDF attachment. Do not upload a Word, Publisher, or PowerPoint file. For assistance on how to create this PDF file, you may want to search for videos online. “how to turn a word document into a PDF” .Provide relevant information from the textbook chapters for this week. Be sure to reference the specific chapter in APA format.

Required text: This is the only textbook that will be used in this course.

McGonigle, D. & Mastrian, K. (2018). Nursing Informatics and the Foundation of Knowledge (4th ed.).

Sudbury, Massachusetts: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.


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