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Essay 4: Research Essay

6 typed, double spaced pages in 12-pt. font

with 1” margins

Your task in Essay 4

is to develop

an argument about a particular social responsibility issue

that a company is currently grappling with.

Please note that this issue should

be something

that is happening

in 2019 and that has not been fully dealt with yet.

In order to arrive at an argument, you will first need to get to know your company by

analyzing its website and conducting research into both the company and the social

responsibility issue it is currently facing.

Your introduction should introduce the company and social responsibility

issue that you are focusing upon in the essay.

Your thesis (the last sentence of paragraph 1) should

address the following question:

What insight into the issue do you wish to offer?

Your thesis should tell us something important you have

figured out as a result of your

careful thinking and your research that you would like to argue in your essay.

It could be:

An argument about

cause and effect

. You might decide that your thesis will convey why

you think the issue exists and why.

An argument about

solving the problem

. You might decide that your thesis will tell us

how the problem will be solved and why.

An argument about


. You might decide that your thesis will tell us what will

happen in society as a result of issue the c

ompany is facing and why.

As always, your thesis should convey your overarching argument and contain one main

reason why (not a list of three reasons).

In order to support and develop your thesis, you will need to turn to

at least six reputable



One of those sources can be your company’s website (which you can use to

demonstrate that you are familiar with your company’s values, buzzwords, and way of

presenting itself). While you may want to include some factual pieces of evidence to help

you build

your argument, as well as some of the sources from this unit, you want to make

sure that you also use sources that provide you with perspectives

on the particular issue

you are writing about.

You should include parenthetical documentation and a works cited

in current MLA style




Please consult the Note on MLA Style.

6 typed, double

spaced pages in 12

pt. font with 1” margins

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