My Personal Pursuit of Happiness Finding Meaning in Life Essay

My Personal Pursuit of Happiness Finding Meaning in Life Essay

A multi-paragraph essay of 1,000-2,000 words in basic MLA-style format (Links to an external site.)

(no citations nor Works Cited page required)

Discuss the discoveries, insights, challenges, and/or significant experiences you had while engaging in

pleasant activities,

activities that absorbed you and engaged your strengths,

meaningful activities that put your strengths into service,

your happiness practice, and

with an art form.

Reflect on what you’ve learned overall from this project and how it may influence your ongoing journey towards Aristotle’s ideal happiness of eudemonia or what Seligman would call “A Full Life,” what Maslow would call “self-actualization,” or what Frankl would call “self-transcendence.” (What term resonates most with you?)

This is my happiness project outline/ proposal..

  • My definition of happiness is being successful, being a nurturing mother, traveling and saving. Those has been the few things which have made me happy thus far in life. I want my children to remember that I gave them experiences and when I am no longer in existence, I want my kids to know I left them something behind. Traveling helps my children and I be more appreciative in life.
  • My perceived happiness is traveling, opening my group home, work and my kids.
  • One challenge that is stopping me from opening my group home is school. I need to be successful in school and pass to become a nurse, so that I can open my group home. While I am a full time student, I am unable to attend the required seminars needs to begin the process of opening a group home. COVID 19 is another challenge that is hindering me from traveling and I really am mentally effected by this. Pre-pandemic I would say responsibility amongst of my children and my job also hinders me from traveling as I like to.
  • My tendency is an Obliger. I think, well I fact I know that people asking for favors, rides and request will be a challenge in completing this project. I think from the beginning, the people that I know beg for my help the most, I will let them know that I am doing an important project for school. Or, maybe while I’m working on my project, I can turn my phone off or put it on silent.
  • One pleasure activity that I do is listen to old school R&B. Music helps sooth my mind and helps me feel at ease after a long day.
  • Being a mother and traveling. Each day I learn how to better myself to be a happier person and to be a happier mother. I have also learned to bargain shop when searching for vacations. So essentially, I learned to save. I plan on committing to this for life
  • Something Meaningful that I involve myself in is working with people with physical, mental and intellectual disabilities, at my part time job. At my part time job, I am their nurturer, advocate and sometimes their 8 hour moment of love and respect that they receive. I help them to find jobs, further education or something as small as using the computer.
  • At least once a month for traveling and my children, of course every day.
  • Music. I love music it has such a deep meaning.
  • Undecided, but it may be through a journal or picture. Possiblya combination ofboth.

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