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Examples of Quality Education and Teaching

“An essential building block to mental health for a child is learning to trust his or her inner reality” (Ayers, 1989, p. 110). Years ago, this statement would likely not have been an essential consideration in the context of understanding quality education. However, throughout the field of education today, there is increasing interest in the impact of social-emotional learning on children’s achievement in school and success in life. Likewise, there is recognition that fostering children’s mental health is integral to promoting overall development and the ability to learn.


Carefully reread pages 108–110 in Chapter 7 of Ayers’ text that begins with, “Thomas comes to Maya with a problem,” and ends with, “You did it, Ben. I’m glad.” As you review this section of the text, note instances and examples of quality education and teaching demonstrated through teacher-child interactions, teacher commentary, opportunities offered to children, sensitivities and insights expressed, etc. Could these instances/examples of quality teaching be applied to younger and older children?


With these thoughts in mind:
By Day 1: Post the following:

  • At least three of the instances and/or examples of quality education and teaching you noted from this reading
  • Why these instances/examples could be applied to both younger and older children

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