Music of Rock and R&B

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There was a great deal of ‘hybridization’ going on in the music of the 1960s. Whether it was the influence of Muddy Waters’ Electric Blues on the Rolling Stones, or Woody Guthrie’s nasal, ‘champion of the people’ influence on Bob Dylan, or Dylan’s influence on the next generation of folk rock bands like the Byrds, or Leadbelly’s influence on Lonnie Donegan, or Donegan’s influence on the Beatles…the times they were a-changing…and so was the music.

For this week’s discussion, I want you to pick one band/artist who directly influenced another band/artist (like the ones I’ve just mentioned) and tell me about that influence. You must also attach a video of a song that represents this influence. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a cover (though it can be).

Please remember…your primary post must be 150-300 words

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