Muriu John

For this week’s assignment, you will be providing detail on the overall system integration architecture and the implementation framework.

  • New Content (Week 4) 
    • Proposed System Integration Components Architecture 
      • Thoroughly describe the architecture of the proposed integrated system, including all interfaces and components for the system integration and deployment. 
      • Represent this architecture diagrammatically. 
      • Discuss which components and interfaces could be acquired and those that need to be developed from scratch. 
    • Implementation Framework 
      • Select and describe in detail the framework that you used to define and implement the system integration project. 
      • Define the project in terms of the selected framework. 
      • Discuss advantages for using the selected framework. 
      • Discuss integration challenges that were highlighted by defining the framework. 
  • Make sure that the document is in APA format. 
  • Submit the document for grading. 

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