memo essay 2

The greater value of HW 3 indicates its seriousness. It’s crucial that you prepare for the

Workplace Report in a timely manner. If you get behind on this assignment, it is hard to catch

up, so this is a reminder that you need to find your interviewee now if you didn’t start doing that

the first day of class as suggested. Remember to use all of your contacts and all of your friends’

and relatives’ contacts (e.g. a Facebook post). You likely have a bigger network than you realize,

particularly through social media. You might also contact the UC Davis Internship and Career

Center (ICC). They may know of some alumni who are willing to talk to students. Chapter 7 and

the ICC Career Resource Manual have information about how to conduct an informational


This homework will be time consuming, but it is designed to help you avoid procrastinating and

stay on schedule. It will also make it easier to write a first draft. I would highly recommend you

read Chapters 7 and 8 before you start the homework. Your homework needs to be thorough and

complete to receive full credit. Establish your ethos, or credibility, and convince me that you’ve

done a substantial amount of preliminary research.

Please write me a brief


in which you describe your research plan for the workplace report.

Use appropriate headings/subheading as needed and answer the following questions:


What specific job are you researching and why?


Whom are you interviewing and when? You must provide your interviewee’s contact

information (email and/or phone number, and language in which the interview will be

conducted) in case I need to verify the interview.


If you already did your interview, how did it go?


What is the citation method used in this field? (You may not cite much on the job, but use

the citation method that would be used by academics in the field). How do you know this

is the correct citation method?


What do you want to find out through your primary and secondary research?


What and how much research have you done so far? You must list at least three sources

you’ve looked at so far.

Here is my memo

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