marketing class 7

Write a minimum of 1200 words for numbers 1-4 and 3 scholarly sources…….

1. Discuss the three forms of innovation as they are categorized in terms of the degree to which they demand changes in behavior from adopters. Provide an example of products that fit each of the three forms of innovations. Discuss the significance of these innovations. How does the promotion for these products differ?

2. What is creolization and what does it have to do with the adoption of

strategies? If you were in charge of international markets for Kraft Foods, would you focus primarily on the etic or emic perspectives? Would your answer change if you worked for

? Explain.

3. Discuss geodemography and the use of geodemographic marketing techniques in the marketing of products or services. What assumptions are made and how accurate are these assumptions? Provide an example of where you have seen geodemographic marketing used effectively.

4. Discuss the five types of social powers and for each provide an example of a time when, as a consumer, you were influenced by an individual with this power.

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