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Assessment of Long Term Care or Residential Facility Writing Assignment (25% of your grade)

Based on the facility chosen in Week 3, write a paper that includes all of the following information.

Use a heading for each of these sections to clearly identify the details in your paper.   You do not need to use an “abstract” as a part of the paper.  

  • The name of the Facility
  • The location and how many people are at this Facility.
  • What services are offered? (do not cut and paste – use your own words otherwise this will show up in Turnitin as plagiarism.
  • List the web site of the facility and two other scholarly sources where you are going to research your topic.
  1. Repeat the overview details from week 3’s submission(listed above) where you named a facility and briefly describe the services and type of facility.
  2. In addition you will discuss the history of the type of care provided.  How did long term care develop? How did the facility develop?
  3. Provide a description of the facility.  What is the structure like?  What is the building and its surroundings?  Is it urban, suburban, rural?
  4. Identify the specific types of care provided and for what diagnoses (conditions).  So a wing for ventilator dependent patients is for what illness?
  5. Write an evaluation/analysis of the pros and cons of the care provided by the facility (use Nursing Home Compare for data).
  6. Provide a financial overview — what options for patient to pay for care (eg. Medicare? Private Insurance? etc.) Does the facility accept insurance or cash only?  What type of insurance?  Why?
  7. Identify the names of the specific laws and regulations that oversee this facility; include if they are accredited by the Joint Commission or any other private accreditation agency.
  8. Discuss the recommendations for improvement.  Don’t state there are none.  Every facility can be improved.

The research assignment must be written in the students’ own words in a grammatically correct manner.  Please reach out to the CAS for help if necessary.

Please be certain to include information from the nursing home compare website: http://www.medicare.gov/NHCompare (Links to an external site.)

The paper must be submitted using Microsoft Word, double spaced and using a 12 point,  Times New Roman font.  No “abstract” is required.  All pages must be filled.  Do not submit papers that are partially filled to meet the page requirement.

No less than 5 pages not including the title page and reference page. The title page and reference pages are separate from the body of your paper.

APA-formatting must be used, including intext citations throughout the paper.

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