Literature Reviews

Literature Reviews

Continue to integrate and synthesize the 6­–10 peer-reviewed journal articles that you chose in Week 5 for this paper.

  • Make sure that about 80 percent of your articles are current, or from the past 5 years.

Assignment (4–6 pages, not including title page and reference page)

Include the following

  • Begin with a brief introduction explaining the problem within the topic of study.
  • Provide an integrated synthesis of your resources related to your problem statement.
  • Conclude with a summary paragraph.

The paper should be 4-6 pages long, not including the title page and reference page. The paper should include a brief introduction explaining the topic and the problem focus. Conclude with a summary paragraph, summarizing main points of the literature review. Proofread carefully. You will include this review, with expanded research as needed, as part of the final project

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