leadership resources and description

For this assignment, your team will create a list of resources (include textbooks, articles, video clips, quotes, and movies) that are related to coaching, mentoring, and leading others. You are only allowed to locate and use one quote and two movies or video clips. The rest of the resources must be textbooks and articles that support coaching, mentoring, and leadership. You can locate these resources through the GCU library or complete a Google search. Your list of resources must include a minimum of 10 citations with a brief (100-200 words) description of the resources and examples for using the resources in your personal life or work environment. The Leadership Resources will be due in Topic 8 and submitted to the Main Forum for your peers to review. This project will compile a great deal of resources that all students can review and take with them as they continue their leadership journey.

Please find 5 leadership resources and list them with a 100-200 word description. APA.

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