leadership class 7

write a minimum of 1200 words for numbers 1-3 with 3 scholarly sources………….For number 4 write 250 words with 2 scholarly sources…..

1. Discuss the idea of rating leaders. If you were a supervisor, manager, or executive, would you want to be evaluated by your employees?

2. Discuss a Level 5 leader you know on the basis of personal humility and professional will. How does the leader demonstrate consideration and service as well as conviction and resolve?

3. Evaluate an organization you know on the basis of product quality and service quality. Compare the results against those of its best competitors. Develop an action plan to stay excellent or improve.

For question 4 250 words total and 2 apa cited references and reference list.

4. Many consumers may experience cognitive dissonance when making a purchase. This could stem from the cost comparison between two products or the quality. There are numerous causes of cognitive dissonance that customers may experience where tension and anxiety can make the experience negative in nature. As a marketing manager, how can you prepare your sales staff to help minimize cognitive dissonance in the consumer’s buying process? How can you ensure the overall experience will be positive and repeat business will be likely? Make sure to back up your answers with scholarly research information

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