Research Paper

The purpose of this assignment is to help you use writing to deepen your understanding of a play (or plays) that we have read, to develop empathy for a character, and to provide the opportunity for you to explore further some ideas discussed in class. Your goal is to demonstrate connections between various elements in a play (or plays); for example, characters, setting, themes, etc. Your ideas need to be expressed in a clear thesis statement, and supported with a lively, well-developed and organized discussion using relevant textual examples. The thesis must be submitted to me for approval prior to the paper itself. You must focus your research on a play (or plays) that we’ve examined in class this semester.



Length: 10-12 pages, typed, double-spaced, 12-point standard font (Times New Roman) Format: APA Due date: See syllabus

  •   The title page should have “Running Head:” and an abbreviated Title flush left and the Page Number flush right. Center the complete Title, Your name, and Lynn University in the upper half of the title page.

  •   There will be serious consequences for any paper that is plagiarized, as determined by the Vice President of Academic Affairs, ranging from receiving zero points on the paper to a failing grade in the course.

  •   You must cite at least five (5) outside sources as well as sufficient examples from the plays themselves to support your thesis.

  •   Use peer-reviewed journal articles or established media sources (e.g., The New York Times)

  •   Proofread and revise/edit your work. Writing mechanics (grammar, punctuation, diction etc.)

    will certainly be considered in determining the final grade.

  •   Be specific: avoid relying on broad, general statements.

  •   You should contact me early during your research to make sure you are on the right track and to

    review your progress.

  •   The paper must be submitted to Livetext and a hard copy given to me on the due date.

  •   Your grade may be reduced if the paper is submitted after the due date. 

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