international conflict with which both NATO and the European Union

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Choose an international conflict with which both NATO and the European Union have been engaged. One chocie is the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In one clear, cogent, concise and compelling essay, discuss how NATO and the EU have so engaged the conflict, and assess the effectiveness of their involvement in the conflict. Your essay should not exceed 3,000 words, including in-text citations and your bibliography. The assignment should use single space and presented in Times New Roman 12 format. Use APA style in-text citations and for bibliography. The paper should include a cover page where only the title of the paper, the name of the author, and the number of words will be indicated.

Rubric to follow

The following criteria will be used in assessing students’ papers:

  1. Definition of the topic
  2. Structure of the essay
  3. Content
  4. Analysis
  5. Presentation

Has the topic been clearly defined and directly addressed?

Does the introduction present a clear statement of the issues to be covered?

Does the essay have a clear structure or organization in which

a) the main points are developed logically; and

b) the relevance of the material to the theme or argument is clear?

Is there an effective conclusion which draws together the main points?

Is there evidence of adequate reading and research?

Is the breadth of coverage adequate?

Are the issues and ideas analyzed in sufficient depth?

Are arguments supported by evidence, examples, sources and quotations?

Are the arguments logical and consistent?

Are opinions based on evidence and/or logic?

Does the essay show evidence of original or independent thought?

Fluency and style of writing

Spelling, grammar, paragraphing

Presentation of data: effective use of figures and tables and correct use of units and quantities

Neatness and legibility

Sources: are sources acknowledged? Are references cited? Are references presented correctly

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