insurance 1

1 the specific excess policy of company f requires a retention of $80,000 per occurrence, The aggregate limit of this excess policy is $200,000. Suppose three separate covered losses occurred during the polciy period: $150,000, $140,000, and $170,000. Company F will retain $_________of its losses. 


2 company h is insured undera cgl policy with occurrence and aggregate limits of 1 million each. Company H also has an umbrella policy with an each occurence limit of 2 million. The inception date of the CGL policy is January 1, and the inception date of the umbrella policy is April 1. Company H was sued in March and the CGL policy paid $800,000. Another two claims were made in May and July against Company H for $1,500,000 and $600,000 respectively. The umbrella policy will pay $____?


3 company x is insured under an umbrella liability policy that requires company x to maintain cgl insurance with an each occrrence limit of $1,500,000. The umbrella policy has an each occurrence limit of $1,000,000. Several months into the policy period, the CGL policty was canceled. Later in the policy period, Company x was sued for two separate damages of $3,000,000 and $500,000. Company x will retain $___ of the losses. 


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