instructions for powerpoint presentation is below

As part of Assignment 3 you will prepare a PowerPoint deck providing a high-level overview of the results of your analysis in your Mid-Term Paper. (I will upload the Mid-Term paper along with the Zoetis balance sheet and income statement excel spreadsheet that was used for the paper). In addition, you will prepare a 6 to 10 minute video to accompany your PowerPoint deck during which you will explain the results of your analysis.


The content for your PowerPoint slide deck should come directly from each of the four sections of your Mid-Term Paper. In the PowerPoint slide deck, you are merely summarizing the key points and observations you made in your Mid-Term Paper. These should be in a bullet point style. During your video you will refer to these points as you discuss your observations.

· Cover Page

Your slide deck should have a cover page with the Zoetis name, your name and date. You should include on the cover page whether your analysis is from the perspective of an investor, creditor or management.

· Introduction

You should prepare one slide summarizing the main points you discussed in the high-level overview of Zoetis and its business, its industry, products and profitability, and its competitors.

· Analysis

Your analysis section of the PowerPoint should have at least three slides summarizing the main points you discussed in your analysis of the Zoetis financial statements. You will expound on these points in your video presentation and refer to the pages as you speak. You should prepare these slides from the perspective you choose, either investor, creditor or management. That is your audience. Below are some examples:

· * Management perspective (This is the perspective used in the Mid-Term paper so use this one)

If you are writing from the management perspective, you could approach the presentation and video as a manager making a presentation to a senior member of Zoetis’ management, such as the President or the CEO. Think of what the President or the CEO would want to know in making decisions about Zoetis’ future products, pricing, collection policies, research & development expenses, etc.

· Investor perspective

If you are writing form the perspective of an investor, you could approach the presentation as a financial analyst who is evaluating whether an investment in Zoetis stock should be made by an individual, pension fund, mutual fund, a hedge fund, etc. Think of what an investment committee responsible for making the investment decision would want to know.

· Creditor perspective

If you are writing from the creditor perspective, you could approach the presentation as a loan officer considering a new loan, an extension of credit, etc. for Zoetis who reports to a more senior loan officer. Think of what the senior loan officer would want to know before deciding whether to approve a new loan, renew a loan, etc. for Zoetis

· Industry Medians/Norms

Your PowerPoint should have one or two slides discussing a comparison of Zoetis’ key ratios that you emphasized in your Mid-Term Paper to the industry medians/norms. You will explain the points on these slides in your video presentation.

· Conclusion

On your final slide you should provide three to four insights that would be most pertinent to the interest of your audience, i.e. either investor, creditor or management.

Video Presentation

You should prepare a 6 to 10 minute video presentation during which you will discuss the information in your PowerPoint slide deck. You should be precise and incorporate the most informative and relevant data from your PowerPoint in your Video.

Oral Communication Rubric

I have uploaded a copy of the Oral Communication Rubric for details as to how the Video will be graded. The oral video presentation will be enhanced if you make eye contact with your audience, use smooth voice projections, professional mannerisms, and dress professionally (business casual). Please don’t just read your PowerPoint slides.

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