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Following up on your posts from weeks 3 and 5, formulate a research goal or purpose statement related to addressing the problem you identified. Review the samples in this week’s materials for guidance. Don’t worry about identifying your intended research methodology (e.g., “phenomenological”, “quantitative”). Try to explain in 1-3 short paragraphs what you would hope to accomplish if you were to try to attack the problem you previously identified.

After composing your goal or purpose statement, compose 4-6 open-ended research questions. The answers to these research questions should help you achieve your goal. See this week’s materials for examples.

Post your problem statement, goal/purpose statement, and research questions in this week’s discussion forum.

Response Posts:

Comment on the goal/purpose statements and research questions of at least two classmates. Address the following:

  • Given the problem, is the goal/purpose statement an appropriate response to it? Is the goal/purpose something that is achievable? Justify your response.
  • Is it likely that the answers to research questions will result in achievement of the stated goal/purpose? Are there any additional questions that should be asked? Should any questions be removed? Justify your response.

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