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A. In team communication systems the errors that may arise are:

1. Failure to listen:

The inability to listening is a big problem. Frequently, co-workers may cause disturbance to the people who are discussing matters or thinking about what they have to speak next instead of carefully listening to the discussing matters.

2. Area or Distance to Office:

Many communications are conducted by email, or short video conferencing. If offices are located away from the members the disability to cooperate is a big communication barrier. Because of this, projects may not get completed in the given span of time.

3. Attitude and Ego:

Because of some one’s ego, teamwork stops. The problem is that the one disagrees to accept. Conflicts also may arise sometimes.

Team communication problems can lead to disaster:

Successful project achievement may be affected due to the ineffective communication and it is known by the study which was done by the Project management institute(PMI). Currently, many of the projects are missing effective communication management which may have an effect on the outcome of the project. However many of the organizations are tossing a huge number of dollars for projects to be done successfully to overcome the communication problems.

B. Possible causes of communication or decision making failure:

Generally, many of the people may observe at the same thing and generate conclusions differently. Some characteristics of the persons may also affect observation. For example, in a group of people if some are loud people they are noticed more than the people who are quiet.

So, one should be clear about their goal and what should be needed to achieve it. Thoughts of ones should be in a rightful way and later communicate in the correct way.

Measures for the prevention of problems in the team’s communication system:

– For person to person, the problem should be handled. Exhibiting the facts and relating the issue to the client, team. The session should be conducted in a private setting and be open and honest.

– If the collaboration did not work or not relevant the problem should be handled to a mediator.

– Team counseling should be administered. Since every team is different and the problems may arise also may vary.

Part 2:

A. Symptoms of group thinking:

1. The image of Protection.

2. Assumptions of Unquestioning

3. conventional views of out-groups

4. Self-restriction

Problems in decision making by group thinking:

Generally, problems which are assigned to groups or teams are those which has a no simple answer. The thought is that everyone accepts and no enemy arises. In spite of, there are disagreeing members, nobody requires a conflict for the problem and be a troublemaker. The decision-makers can make decisions based on the information provided for them. Also, they should not be made responsible for the failure of the decision given by them.

B. Sometimes, groups cooperation may create advantages in which they introduce multiple decisions. Also, the right individual can make excellent decisions with positive outcomes. I think that groups are better decision-makers.

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