How to write relevance of the thesis

thesisThe relevance of the thesis topic is the first thing that the graduation certification commission pays attention to. In fact, in this part, you should explain why you chose this, or that topic, as well as why studying this topic is essential and in demand. Students and pupils are always faced with the problem of correctly writing the relevance of the subject of the thesis: it is this part of the introduction that causes difficulties for many. This article will help to formulate the significance of the topic of the thesis project.

Types of relevance

It is important to remember that the relevance of the thesis has several types:

  • Application of the research in the future.
  • Lack of study of the topic.

The first type suggests that your work’s relevance lies in solving any existing scientific problem or practical problem using the data that you received in the course of your work.

The second type is that your topic is relevant because you managed to find answers to new or debatable questions or show an already known issue from a completely new, previously unknown side (in other words, the research has scientific novelty).

You can use different types of the thesis’s relevance, examples of which are given above, both separately and together: it all depends on the topic you choose.

How to prove the relevance of the thesis

State the relevance of the topic at the same time rather briefly, but at the same time reasonably. There are several ways to prove the relevance, using which you can achieve the goal – to convince the panel that the study of your topic is of paramount importance. So:

  • Consider and describe the questions that are the basis of your thesis and argue for their problems.
  • The evidence you have provided for the relevance of the diploma topic should be supported by examples of various life situations related to the topic of your work.
  • Tell us about the connection between your topic and contemporary events that prompted the study of the issue under consideration.
  • Finally, you need to justify how your work answers all of the above questions and problems.

When proving the relevance of the work, it is also essential to indicate why your work has an important role and can help or improve the situation in the topic you are studying. Thus, you can also predict how much your issue will be in demand in the future.

How to determine the relevance of the thesis

Sometimes it happens that even you cannot explain why you have chosen a particular topic. There are also cases when you cannot formulate the relevance in your own words and do not understand how to write the thesis’s significance. In such cases, there are several ways to solve the problem:

  • You can always ask for help from other thesis or term papers on the same topic. Already protected works can be used as a sample.
  • Review the editions that you intend to use in the process of writing your diploma. Typically, the first paragraph of a chapter or introduction explains why the author started writing the book.
  • There is an option when you do not rack your brains and seek help from specialists. Thus, you can always carry out all the necessary research on your own, without resorting to outside help, or you can use the services of professionals.

Formal requirements

thesisThesis requirements provide for the scope of justification for relevance. It should take up almost an entire sheet (based on an average introduction volume of 4-5 pages). Do not try to stretch the relevance by adding meaningless general phrases: teachers do not like this and will still force you to cut back. The commission does not have to look for significance in your introduction. It should be marked (this is also true for other mandatory structural elements of the opening). This can be done using the following phrases:

  • The relevance of our research lies.
  • The relevance and practical aspect of these problems are related to.
  • Questions concerning such and such problems are relevant


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