homework question and answer

Greetings, in this assignment you will have to answer each question with at least with three sentences except Q2 and Q3 they might need more. The format is Bold question and the answers should be under each question with the same order. Please avoid plaigrism and no outside sources needed. I’ll upload the materials u need for the assignment,references page is not necessary also the cover page.

Here are the questions

1. “Distinguish between a social definition of crime and a legal definition of crime. Give an example of each definition.

2. List and describe the seven elements of a crime.

3. List and define the six defenses to a crime that can absolve a defendant from criminal responsibility. Give an example of how that person may “get off

the hook” for that crime.

4. Identify the two major sources of crime statistics in the United States.

5. Explain what is meant by the “dark figure of crime”?

6. List the eight index crimes contained in the Part I offenses of the Uniform Crime Reports (UCR), and explain its significance.

7. Compare and contrast National Crime Victimization Surveys (NCVS) with Self-Report Crime Surveys.

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