Homework Assignment for SOC 135: Introduction to Sociology

 1.      Directions: Read, listen, or watch the media listed below then answer the questions that follow.  Your response should be at least 400 words and double-spaced.  Be sure to incorporate concepts learned from this week’s module into your assignment.

 Listen to the audio file, “Defending and Attacking Polygamy in Saudi Arabia.”  Click HERE to access the audio file.Read the article, “Legal License, Race, Sex, and Forbidden Unions.”  Click HERE to access the article.Watch the video, “Same Sex marriages and Families.”  Click HERE to access the video.Answer the following questions.

a.      What different interpretations of family and gender roles are being voiced in the items you reviewed?

b.      To what extent do these differing viewpoints correspond or clash with western notions of family?

 2.       Directions: Listen to the audio file below then answer the questions that follow in the form of a paper that is three pages in length.  All references must be properly cited according to APA guidelines.

 Listen to the audio file, “Housing First.”  Click HERE to access the audio file.  If you have difficulties opening this audio fileWrite a paper on gentrification and urban sprawl answering the following questions.

a.         What factors contribute to gentrification?

b.         Who is impacted by gentrification?

c.         What are the effects of urban sprawl?  Are they generally positive or negative?

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