history pol amp soc 1

Once you are done reading the chapter 1 write a two page minimum essay that explores the difference in notions of Freedom between Europeans and Native Americans on the dawn of contact. Quote the author’s (Foner) words at least twice from Chapter 1 as you write this. Respond in “Assignments” tab. Make sure you also use the following keywords in your essay: Tenochtitlan, Aztecs, Columbus, Spanish Empire, colonial Dutch freedom, Black Legend, Pueblo Revolt.

As you read the chapter think how these different notions of freedom guided their actions. Obviously there was more than one way to understand freedom and in this misunderstanding of what it means to be a free human being is where we start to understand the birth of our nation. One mans freedom can be another’s misery. Your essay should give the details of this cultural conflict.

Make sure you understand what it means to properly quote the author in MLA format. Example: (Foner 10). You do not need a Works Cited page for the weekly essays. This is practice for the Midterm which will ultimately be a longer essay with all the other components such as documentation and Works Cited page. Don’t worry if this isn’t familiar to you now, it will be by the Midterm.

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