Help!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweetgum slough Paper

Help!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweetgum slough Paper

Need paper done on the sweetgum slough book/ Short story, the book is a memoir of a young girl the lived in rural florida in 1930 during the great drepression, MLA format 700 words. Three body paragraph each paragraph on three different conflicts as to have they own suppoting details. like the body paragraph has they own explaination. Also she checks for a lot of grammar error. Pleases…… need your help willing to pay more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

•Man vs. Man  (Louis vs. Schmelling)

•Man vs. Nature  (Karssiens’ brother vs. the panther)

•Man vs. Society  (Karssiens vs. her new school)

•Man vs. Himself  (Karssiens vs. her attitude toward her mother)

Pick one category or pick one conflict that covers multiple catagories.

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