H-O Model and Solow Model Problem set

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Please see attached.

The objective of this problem set is to become familiar with the mechanics and the implications of the Harrod-Domar and Solow growth models. An excel template to this problem set can be found in the Problem Set 1 folder on Canvas. You should fill out the excel and copy each of the figures and paste them in the designated boxes in this document. For each graph, make sure to provide the chart title, legend (if applicable) and label the axes. Feel free to work individually or in small groups (<=3). Your group will turn in one PDF of this document on Gradescope. When submitting, you will need to create a group on Gradescope and include all your group members’ names in addition to listing them on this document. Please fill in the questions below in their designated boxes. Please provide final equations along with numeric answers wherever necessary. DO NOT change the size of the boxes. Also, paste the graphs as images into this word file.

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