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Our book states, “cultural anthropology is the description, interpretation, and analysis of similarities and differences in human cultures.” (Howell 2017). There are different categories of interests within cultural anthropology, that anthropologists fall under. Yet, they all share an “anthropological perspective,” of which is a hands on approach to observation. This direct interaction within a culture, helps aid us in better understanding and sharing. From there these experiences can be constructed into “ethnographic research,” of which is the primary research method for the field. With regards to Christianity and missions, these things align well with effective servanthood; of which can be more challenging that one would think. Elmer alludes to the fact that, servanthood is both simple (lies within everyday opportunities) and complex because it is defined by each individual cultural landscape. I have experienced some of these things first hand while in Pakistan; through my and my husbands small NGO events/ministry. One of the most rewarding things that I have attempted to is to observe and replicate cultural actions and behaviors, in order to help blend in with the people there. It has been such a blessing, not only to learn new things within their culture, but also so heartwarming to see their eagerness to learn about mine too. For example, there has always been a sense of excitement, appreciativeness and joy when I have taken the time to attempt to use their language in certain situations. I have also made other “relational adjustments” in social situations, of which have gleaned benefits for all involved. When these things mutually happen, there is much opportunity for a deeper personal connection to be formed. When these things are observed by others within our situation, both servant and lifestyle evangelism (of which lies at our ministries foundation) becomes more of a natural flow, where the gospel can be shared more easily. These things have all fallen into place to keep one of the most important main things, a main thing. As Dr. Melody Harper pointed out in her video this week, as a follower of Christ it is important to live, work and serve among the nations because God is a global God.


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Elmer. 2017. Cross-Cultural Servanthood: Serving the World in Christlike Humility. Retrieved from Last Accessed 1/16/20

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