Gender and communication

Your Discussion Topic is:


Communicators must avoid gender-bias and all other forms of bias in all documents they write. And they must also be aware that our language is constantly changing. What was acceptable last week may not be acceptable today.

For this exercise, read two online articles about gender-neutral writing. Even though these articles focus on gender, their message can be extended to all bias in writing. When finished reading the articles, answer related questions.

Editing for Gender Neutrality

Why Bother With Gender-Neutral Writing?

These articles can provide a basis for a classroom discussion about “politically correct” language. Discuss words that are politically correct and incorrect and changes that have occurred over the past few years (or months).

In your own thread, labeled with your name in the subject line, answer ONE of the following questions: 

1.Why is it so important to recognize and respect change in the meaning and acceptability of words?

2.According to one of the articles, what should the goal of gender-neutral writing be? What is meant by this?

3.Why is “gender-neutral writing” a better term than “nonsexist writing”?

4.How do you think you can best keep up with what language is considered appropriate?

Please complete the following: 

•Review the Discussion Board Rubric (including referencing your BCom textbook within the actual content of the post as well as a full APA reference at the conclusion of the post in a reference section), COM Recommended Deductions for Grammatical Errors, and COM 320 Written Deliverables Expectations on the syllabus.

•Make sure you follow the guidelines in the rubric, including at least two relevant citations from your BCOM textbook and providing properly formatted APA references at the bottom of your initial posting for both BCOM and the article you referenced. 

•Reply to two of your classmates’ postings. Comment as you would in a face-to-face setting. Compliment your classmates or share similarities or differences.

•Participate in the discussion board on three different days during the week.

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