gb business administration

Please complete all parts

Part 1 Just make up a resume

1. Whether creating a new resume or revising your current resume, it is important to review resume guidelines and examples.

2. Revise your current resume, or develop your resume:

3. Tailor your resume to your desired career field of interest, placing a particular emphasis on skills, qualifications, and experience that are compatible with that career field in mind.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration 12/21/2023

  • Use action verbs and accomplishment-driven language to describe your experience and qualifications.
  • Include your degree at Colorado Technical University (CTU) in your education section. Use the name of your degree listed under the Academics tab on the Virtual Campus, and provide the expected graduation date.
  • Do not use pronouns (e.g., I, me, or my).
  • Remove any of the instructions from the template.
  • Make sure your font, spacing, and overall format is professional and consistent.

4. Once you have completed your draft, read through the resume line by line. Keep in mind that any typos, spelling, or grammatical errors within your resume could potentially lead to your application being rejected by prospective employers, so you should edit your document with great care to ensure that you are submitting an error-free, polished resume.

Part 2 just make up something

On the Discussion Board, write a reflection of your experience with creating your online profile and exploring LinkedIn. Address the following topics:

  • Discuss your experience with creating or updating your online profile. What areas of your profile will you continue to develop? Will you continue to use your LinkedIn account (why or why not)?
  • Discuss how you can use LinkedIn to network.
  • Discuss how LinkedIn can be used to stay on top of industry trends and information about your career field. Identify 1 group with which you may connect and discuss how that group could be beneficial for your career.

Part 3 Just choose one of the resources in step 1 and make up something.

Step 1: Find a Resource

The Career Services Resource Center allows you to connect with valuable job search resources, focusing on resume and cover letter development, professional networking, interviewing skills, and more.

Step 2: Write Your Career Reflection

Paragraph 1: Identify what resource you found, and provide a summary about the resource and how it will be useful for your career plan and goals. Specifically, discuss the following:

  • Provide a summary about the resource; what is the resource and what interested you about this resource?
  • How was this resource helpful; what did you learn from the resource?
  • When will you use this resource (when developing your career plan, during your job search, throughout your career, etc.)?

Paragraph 2: You are likely in school because you want to build your future career success, and you are making that happen right now. Discuss your plans to ensure your career success. Specifically, discuss the following:

  • Education is one valuable part of the career success equation, but what other things do you need to find career success?
  • Look back at your Unit 1 Discussion Board and your response to where you are at in your career and where you want to be; what steps will you take in the next month to continue to ensure your career success?

Paragraph 3: This course is designed to provide the knowledge and application of effective career management strategies for career development and transition; including the ability to identify and communicate who you are as a brand. Discuss the following:

  • In what ways has this course influenced your thinking about your career plan?
  • What is the most important thing you learned or discovered during this course?

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