For this assignment, you will review a single scholarly article from the APUS Library and summarize what it says about. You don’t need to have an abstract, as is typically required for APA style, for this paper but you must include an APA formatted cover page in addition to the References page. The 2-3page requirement does not include the cover or reference pages.   Description of the hypothesis of the study  Description of how the study was conducted including the population that was studied, the methodology used (i.e. naturalistic observation, experiment, case study, survey, etc). How the data was collected and analyzed  Description of the results of the studyA discussion of the way the research was conducted and potential impact on results (e.g. problems with the study methodology that might have affected its validity and/or generalizability).A description of three ideas inspired in you by the article.A description of the use, impact, or potential the research might have. I will attach the article. Below is the citation for the reference page. Make sure to cite it in the paper as well. Download Attachment:  Epilepsia-Article.pdf

Description of the hypothesis of the study

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