For Don Timoh – English Comparative Essay


You have to read a story of “The Yellow Wallpaper” from (Charlotte Perkins Gilman). 

As you read a story of “Story of an Hour” from (Kate Chopin).

Thus, you have to compare these 2 stories according to a context of the stories. I have 3 extra points for you…  You can compare;


2-Role of women in the men predominant society 

3-Conformity & Obedience 

4-Maarriage / Relationship

So you can use these points for some paragraphs. In addition, you have to find some more points for comparing stories. 

Essay Requirements;

Students will submit a typed, titled, double-spaced comparative essay using any two of the six stories covered in the syllabus. This essay must illustrate EITHER similarities OR differences between the two stories according to a common theme.  You are required to make reference to relevant passages from both stories to receive full credit.

Good luck… If you can’t find stories let me know but to me, you can find pdf format on the internet.

You have to write almost 1100-1200 word. 

Thank you.

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