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 Assignment: Reflective Essay


Personal reflection on your learning can be a rich opportunity to become more aware of your authentic learning and your internal process of finding meaning. Particularly with a social issue such as race and ethnicity, which can be profoundly personal and connected to our sense of identity, reflecting on your learning process can help you take your learning beyond mere academics to learning that is transformative. As scholar-practitioners, you are expected to add thoughtful self-knowledge with your research in order to develop more resonant perspectives. Furthermore, with a topic as politically charged as race and ethnicity, understanding your hidden biases and presumption can enable you to become more credible as an advocate for social change.



To prepare:

 Consider the Learning Resources throughout the course. Reflect on your learning experience throughout the course.

 Due by Sunday August 20, 2017


Submit a 2- to 3-page paper, in which reflect on your learning from this course. Use the following questions to guide your reflection:

 Global Perspective: In what ways have the internationally focused course readings expanded your global awareness? How has a global approach to the topic of multiculturalism changed your thinking on the issues? Key insights Consider two insights that you discovered in the course readings, Discussions, and/or Assignments. What were these key insights and what did you notice about your learning process? Application: How might you apply something you learned to your local context? What future research project might you want to investigate on the topic of multiculturalism? Ethics and Bias: Why is it important to identify bias in your approach and perspective when addressing such a political and public topic as race and ethnicity? How can you approach this topic in an ethical manner to ensure credibility?


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