first line treatment of epiglottitis

APA Style. articles used must be published within the last five years.

Mother brings her child to the primary clinic. Submit your First line treatment plan based on epiglottitis from the following case study:

Chief complaint: Difficulty breathing, fever, and anxiety

PMH: Was unremarkable

Demographics: 2 years old, male

PSH: No surgical history mentioned

Allergies: NKA

Social/Family Hx: A Hispanic 2 years old child living with both parents, no history of an unhealthy lifestyle or failure to use drugs or prescriptions. The child had been very active and social and liked playing. Since yesterday patient had fever, and today patient started having shortness of breath and anxious.

Medications: Tylenol given at night time

HPI: a 2 years old, boy was presented to the clinic in the evening hours with some symptoms like difficulty in breathing. The frightened parents reported that the child was not feeling well from the morning, but fever started at night time. Parents reported he patient cried frequently and could not sleep well. The patient is dyspneic, anxious, with inspiratory stridor, and fever

ROS: General: no significant weight gain, appeared sick, was generally weak. Head: no injury, no headaches, no vertigo. Eyes: no pain, tearing, healthy vision. Ears: no vertigo, no bleeding, no tinnitus, no hearing problems. Nose: no coryza, obstruction of air passage, no mucous discharge. Mouth: no dental problems, no bleeding, some drooling noted. Neck: pain around the throat areas, swellings internally, difficulty in swallowing. Chest: no pain in the chest, no orthopnea, no syncope. Abdomen: there is decreased appetite, no melena, no emesis, now habitual changes in bowel. GU: no significant change in the urine, no dysuria, no urinary urgency. Musculoskeletal: no joint or muscle pain, no numbness. Neurologic: no ataxia, no variation in mentation, no seizure, no tremor, somehow weak. Psychiatry: anxiety

Physical exam:

Vitals: BP 118/62, pulse was 135/min, respiratory rate 51/min, spo2 on room air 96% and temperature 102.7 F. General Physical Exam: Normotensive, mild distress. Head: Normocephalic, lesions absent. Eyes: conjunctivae clear, EOM’s full, PERRLA. Ears: TM’s normal, EAC’s clear. Nose: Nares patent , no mucous discharge noted. Throat: swollen, throat pain, muffled voice, difficulty in swallowing, beefy red pharynx, drooling. Neck: no masses, no thyromegaly, no lymphadenopathy, no bruits. Lungs: stridor on inspiration, dyspnea. CV: no murmurs, no rubs, no gallops. Abdomen: soft, no masses, BS normal at auscultation

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