financial risk management in the energy industry

I tip very well

There will be 5 Questions each worth 20 points.

$15 per question seems reasonable

2 hours is plenty time to complete these 5 questions.

This is a timed exam you will have 120 minutes (2hrs) to complete it.

I will upload the exam once I have a tutor that is able to do the following down below.

Once I select a tutor I will upload the exam and you will have 2 hrs to complete the exam.

I need someone that is good at math(statistics). You should also know to calculate puts, calls, options, Stocks volatility.

Know how to use a normal Distribution chart

Questions might include

  • weather on a delta hedge
  • implicit volatility
  • Probability
  • Finding interest rates
  • Probability or paying off an asset
  • etc

Know how to do statistics and use the following formulas.

Gamma=Γ=(1/2π)^0.5 exp(-d^2/2)/(Sσ(T-t)^0.5).

The quadratic formula is (–b ±(b^2-4ac)^0.5)/2a.

If a variable X is distributed normally with mean u and standard deviation σ, Z=(X-u)/σ is distributed normally with mean 0 and standard deviation 1. The price of a call option on Weather derivatives is derived as follows:

Let X=the number of standard deviations the strike price is away from the mean.Y=-0.03X^3+ 0.22X^2-0.50X+0.4, price= Y*σ.

The Black-Sholes option pricing formula is C(S, K,T,t)=SN(d)- Pt(T-t)KN(d-σ(T-t^)^0.5)

Where d=[(ln (S/Pt(T-t)K))/(σ(T-t)^0.5)]+0.5σ(T-t)^0.5.

The 1st estimate of implicit volatility according to the M-K method is σ1=((ABS(LN(S0/X)+rT))*(2/T))^0.5.

The second estimate is σ^2=σ1– [(C1-C*(“true”)) * (2π)^0.5exp(d^2/2)/[S0(T)^0.5]].

(Both X and K above refer to strike prices.)

Know how to use a normal Distribution chart

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