fin3403 excel assignment 1 to support learning for test 1

This assignment consists of Time Value of Money questions meant primarily to test your proficiency in using Excel to obtain the correct solutions.Working through these questions will also, however, provide additional practice with identifying the proper inputs (PV, FV, etc.) needed to get the answers (Which variables is the question providing?Do they need to be converted based, for example, on the number of compounding periods?What is the variable that needs to be solved for?)Utilize this assignment as another resource to prepare for the first exam.

There are 12 questions on the next sheet of this workbook.For each question, the correct solution figure is given to you in a cell highlighted in gray.Your task is to create a formula using an Excel function in the answer cell highlighted in yellow that results in the same, correct, figure.You must use an Excel function to get the answer.Functions may include pv, fv, pmt, npv, nper, rate, effect, nominal, average, stdev, etc.

You do not have to use cell references to solve these problems, like you do for the lab Excel project questions.You can simply type the figures into your formula.For questions that provide a table of figures, it would however be most efficient to use cell references for those.For other questions, if you would like to use cell references you can simply type the relevant figures into separate cells below or to the right of the word problem and then reference those cells in your formula.

Since the solution figure to each problem is given, you will know instantly if your formula is correct and can leverage your resources as needed to investigate any discrepancies.Resources may be other TVM homework problems completed previously, lab Study Plan, Excel tutorials in MyCourses or elsewhere, etc.Or you may just try solving for a different function.

Once you have completed the questions, submit your saved file to the appropriate MyCourses drop box in Week 4.Please note that the sooner you submit your work the sooner you will get feedback on any errors.But no re-submissions will be accepted for grading.Remember again that work must be shown via an Excel function in the yellow box to get credit.

The assignment is worth a total of 5% of your total grade in this class.Each question includes the applicable points available for that problem.

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