Expository Essay, On good parenting

I’m trying to learn for my English class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Hello, Tutor

I am needing help with a good expository Essay on process that I am good at, I have chosen to do it on Parenting/ Being a good mother. I have included a file for you, please take a look for what I have in mind. Thank you!


1) Write reflectively in the mode of expository writing.

2) write an effective topic paragraph with a clear and concise topic sentence.

3) Use written Standard American English appropriately through an awareness of common errors in grammar and mechanics.

4) 12 point font, times roman, minimum of 500 words, good topic/thesis, good conclusion. double spaced

Essay 2 Prompt:

Explain a process that you are good at. Include good transitions, vivid details, and focus on clarity and coherence. No outside resources. No plagarism. must be all your work from your brain.

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