Explain the value of a good mental model.

Im General im a Tranformational leader/optimistic person —–Key to writing this

Bring key point to improve a person mental mode who is positive.

A leader is both an individual and a member of an organization. An effective leader possesses personal characteristics that help his or her followers grow personally and professionally. To be a successful leader, it is important to understand certain characteristics of yourself and others.

For this module’s assignment, analyze and discuss the use of mental models and explain their importance in understanding and developing your own leadership style and professional vision.

Consider the following points when completing this assignment:

  • Assess your current stage of moral and professional development. Describe your personal mental model and explain how it helps you see yourself professionally now.
  • Consider whether your mental model would still hold true for how you envision your professional self in the future (in three years, five years, and ten years).
    • Identify and discuss the weaknesses of your mental model, if any.
    • Explain whether you would need to revise your mental model in order to attain your aspired goals. Explain why or why not.
  • Explain the value of a good mental model. Analyze how it might help you craft a professional development strategy to improve your skills in the following areas:
    • Self-determination
    • Ability to empower and inspire others
    • Communications
    • Ability to be an ethical leader
    • Ability to be an effective coach or mentor
  • Describe whether consideration of using a mental model revealed anything about you (characteristics, preferences, style, etc.) that you were unaware of before

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