Explain the economic implications and/or outcomes of the business's actions.

Three well developed paragraphs are needed, the first summarizing the article- who, what, where, when and how, as applicable, introducing and explaining to your reader(s) the problem or opportunity about which the article was written.
Second paragraph ties the story directly to the week’s (week’s) subject, the economic implications and/or outcomes of the business’s actions. Have good or bad economic decision been made? Were good decisions made and the climate in which the business operates turned antisocial? Or were questionable business decisions evident with a highly favorable business environment “bailing them out?”

The third and concluding paragraph includes directives and operational advice such that the business continues to thrive (excel) or your directives and operational advice given to help “right their ship.” Describe your recommended actions, their intended result(s), and under what assumptions or business conditions your actions are being suggested.

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