exercise on lyrics

The specific requirements are in the attached word document.

From emails I’ve gotten I think I need to send reassurance or clarification about a couple of things on the assignment.

1. No. It is not an essay. You write no essays in my ENG 2205 classes and probably not in any sophomore lit class.

2. The first part on detecting lyric subjectivity means listing the first and last (if there’s more than one) instance of each different first-person pronoun. You quote the entire line where you found the pronoun and use bold face to indicate what word is that pronoun. Afterwards you give a parenthetical reference containing the line number where you found the pronoun.

3. If the first or last instance of the first-person pronoun has a contracted verb attached to it, you’ll give the entire word, say “we’re,” but bold face only the “we” part: “we‘re.” The “‘re” is of course a verb, the contracted form of “are” and not relevant.

4. For the second section, you’re to cite one instance of imagery. This means quote with a proper parenthetical reference the word(s) or brief passage conveying the image. Then say a few things about the passage as an image. You could ask yourself: Is it literal or figurative or does it work both ways? What do you visualize when you read the passage?

5. The third section asks you to comment on the song’s emotional content: the feelings you detect in the speaker/singer and/or the feelings the song evokes in you. You’re to cite (quote with a proper reference) three different words or passages conveying emotion. These may be largely the same or subtly different feelings.

My main goal in this exercise is to confirm that you understand these critical three features of a lyric. My secondary goal is to get you to review the Style Sheet and learn the way I expect you to handle quotation and other documentation basics (citation). The instructions for that are somewhat complex, but you should have gotten a substantial introduction on documentation basics in ENG 1102. My instructions build from that but also to some degree simplify and reduce documentation to the essentials for what’s needed in the sort of assignment given. In this case, you need correct quotation of certain lines, words, passages from the song, followed by properly formatted parenthetical references which will contain the line number(s) you’ve drawn from only.

I’ll have close to 80 of these to grade from my two sections. It is critical that you DO NOT do more than I’ve asked. You open yourself up to more errors (I read and comment and thus mark down on everything you submit), and I’ll be aggravated if I have to slog through more than I’ve asked you to do.

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