evaluation of global organization

Select a global human services organization that holds interest for you as a human services professional (i.e., Africare, CLASP [Connective Link Among Special Needs Programs] International, and Servas). Review the organization’s website, any related press releases, and journal articles that mention its programs or accomplishments. Address these items regarding the organization you select:

  • What it is about this organization’s services that interest you as human services professionals?
  • How is the organization structured and who are the stakeholders (Board of Directors, investors/funding sources, management team, government agencies, and clients, for example)?
  • Any information the organization lists regarding employee engagement, motivation, benefits, and/or recognition.

Additionally, imagine you have been hired as a supervisor within this organization. Address these elements: How you would incorporate a contemporary management theory with your staff?

  • How you would incorporate a motivational theory with your staff?
  • What traits or experience you look for when hiring new employees?
  • Describe how you would orient and train new staff in the organization.
  • Describe the challenges you would face in managing a global organization.
  • Describe how you would evaluate the effectiveness of the organization, including staff and program effectiveness.
  • Describe how you would manage and monitor finances and contracts within the organization.

Your evaluation should be 8-10 pages long, including all nine of the components, and be formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements

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