(The Ancient World)

In this essay, you will choose a minimum of two works read and analyze in close detail selected themes associated with the ancient world.  For example, the merging of the sacred & secular, unrequited love, elements of sensuality, courage, nobility, strength or the erotic, etc. are some of the thematic ideas found in the works read thus far.    

In your essay, discuss how specific actions or ancient world ideas in your chosen works illuminate the mindset of this time period, as well as the authors of this time period.  Also, discuss the dominating message that the works present.   Focus your analysis on “key themes,” “key passages”, and “symbols and imagery”displayedin your chosen works and cite specific lines from the text to support your analysis

1. For the “research component” of your paper, you will use a minimum of 3 contrasting secondary sources including scholarly books, journal articles, and professional websites in addition to the primary text, which will be used to support your analysis. 

2. The paper must be a minimum of 3-4 double-spaced pages.

3.   All “in-text citations” and “parenthetical notes” must be properly cited throughout the paper according to proper MLA format.  Include a proper “works cited page” at the end of the paper. 

4. The paper must illustrate proper essay structure including a strong introduction and thesis statement, strong evidence including effective quotations from the text to support your emotional responses, and an effective conclusion commenting on your overall dominant impression of the works discussed, and how your specific themes, passages, symbols and images discussed have given you a unique insight or perspective on the literature of the ancient world as a whole.   Also, as a concluding statement, comment on what the author’s overall message is to the reader. 

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