Epidemiology Unit 3 Assignment 2 ERGONOMICS


Assignment Purpose:

To locate research studies on ergonomics

Assignment Description

Step One: Perform a library search and locate research studies performed on human ergonomics. Look for studies that would relate specifically to healthcare such as mobile carts, beside terminals, desk, chairs, computer screens, etc.

Step Two: As the HIM director, you have been informed that your department will be moved to a different location. As part of the move, your department will be given all new furniture and equipment. You have been asked for your recommendations.

Step Three: Create a 3-minute voice-over powerpoint presentation which outlines your choice of department equipment. Support the rational for your choice of equipment with the information that you learned about ergonomics. Your poweroint should contain: Identify the equipment of your choice The ergonomics support reasoning Be at least 15 slides in length (not counting title and reference slides) Clear, audible voice over Notes within the notes section Be audience ready

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