English Composition – Forum Poetry (Schoolsville)

Assignment (Part I): Now that you’ve practiced on a song, I want you to practice on a classic piece of literature. 

1. Read “Schoolsville” by Billy Collins on page 534-535.

2. Reread it. 

3. Use the “Poem Decoder” provided in the slides to dissect/decode the poem. 

4. Provide two paragraphs analyzing the poem. The first paragraph should be about a general idea of what the poem is about and clues to what led you to believe that. The second paragraph should be specifically about questions #9 and 10 in the decoder. The second part is a little harder, but that’s how we dig a little deeper! 

Remember: This is a graded assignment. Here is what I’m looking for in addition to the assignment above: 

  • Minimum one to two paragraphs. Additional paragraphs are fine but will not gain extra credit. It’s best to be thorough but succinct. Practicing this will help your writing skills.
  • Thoughtful answers to your original post and replies to peers. Steer away from truisms — meaning, something we all know is true and doesn’t add to the conversation. Also, stay away from cliches — let’s think up some fresh ideas! It will make class more interesting! 
  • Timeliness — All posts are available on Monday and due by Sunday at 11:59PM. Late work will have points deducted. Discuss with me in advance if you have any issues that may lead you to posting late. 
  • Correct spelling
  • Correct use of grammar
  • Correct use of punctuation
  • Respect — this is an academic setting and we should respect everyone’s opinions even when they differ from our own. Certainly, we can have vibrant discussions but they must always be rooted in respect, curiosity and intellect.

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