empathy skills

Use this template to answer the questions below about attending and empathy skills. Do not let your responses to each of these questions be guided or limited by the space between each item below. The space for your answer will automatically expand to accept more narrative. I am looking for no fewer than 1,500 words (including the 237 words already on the page) for this paper assignment. One word or even one or two sentence answers will not be adequate to answer these questions. Be thorough in your responses.

Awareness, Knowledge, and Skills of Attending Behavior and Empathy Skills: The authors of your text discuss in Chapter 3 the following skills related to attending and listening to clients. In your own words describe the following skills.

  • Visual: Patterns of Eye Contact
  • Vocal qualities: Tone and Speech Rate
  • Body Language: Attentive and Authentic
  • Verbals: Following the Client or Changing the Topic
  • Describe the contributions of Carl Rogers in terms of Empathy, Awareness, Knowledge, and skills. Include in this description the following:
    • The work of Charles Truax, and Robert Carkhuff
    • Subtractive empathy
    • Basic empathy
    • Additive empathy
    • Level I Empathy
    • Level 2 Empathy
    • Level3 Empathy
  • Describe how Neuroscience has changed our thinking about empathy and made it more identifiable and measurable.

Required textbook:

Ivey, A.E., Ivey, M.B. & Zalaquett, C.P. (2017) Intentional interviewing and counseling: Facilitating client development in a multicultural society. 9th ed., CENGAGE Learning, Boston, ISBN: 978-1- 305-86578-5 or Loose-leaf edition ISBN 978-1-337-27776-1

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