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1. Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, and ostensibly Elizabeth Warren are all democratic socialists and have all won elections in recent years. This political movement is gaining a lot of traction, and a core tenet of the movement is what they call “College for All”. Skim the attached Young Democratic Socialists of America organizing guide called “Fighting for college for all”. Please share your thoughts with the class. Is the DSA focused on the right priorities when it comes to higher education? Do their recommendations seem like sensible solutions to our problems? Are they going about effecting change in the right way? As a reminder, let’s keep the discourse civil in this classroom. All views are invited, encouraged, welcome and respected, provided we go about it professionally, as I believe we are all capable of.

2.Write a four paragraph post in which you critique and identify weaknesses/opportunities for improvement to the EADA and Title IX. Assume you’re writing this as a junior athletics department staffer at a major university who has been asked to help identify some areas to raise with a lobbying firm so that the lobbying firm’s upcoming trip to Capitol Hill to meet with Congressmen and Senators can address issues relating to the EADA and Title IX that will benefit your institution.

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