edit my biography

I have to edit my biography for two different courses.

**Please check the grammar and adjust it a little bit

so here is my first course: International and Humanitarian Disaster Management

And here is the requirement:

Please introduce yourself to the class. This should include your background in emergency and public health management and any international experience. Please include the work history you want to share, hobbies, etc.


And here is the second course: Organizational Recovery Preparation and Planning

And here is the requirement:

Now is your chance to introduce yourself to the group! This time indicates whether you have any business continuity course or other basic training and explain how you think you might be using course concepts in your current or future workplace. But, don’t leave fun things – family, pets, hobbies – all the interesting elements that are unique to them! And, you may want to take this first opportunity to review the key features expressed in the textbook and to look at some of the literature on healing.


Here is my Bio:

Hello everyone,

Hello everyone, my name is Ibrahim. From Saudi Arabia, I was lucky to join King Faisal University for higher education, where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree. My major in higher education was business administration. I am interested in helping humanity, and providing assistance whenever we need it, and I consider professional disaster management staff to help. Suffering in human life may be inevitable, but I believe that insufficient data that may have an impact in enhancing responses and providing evidence for future disaster prevention is the key factor in increasing the number of casualties each time an emergency occurs.

I’ve been in Philadelphia for a year and a half now. Despite the short stay in the city, I learned a lot. Interacting with people of different differences has had the effect of enhancing my interpersonal skills. I appreciate this opportunity and hope that with the constant interaction, I will learn more and become a better individual today. I look forward to learning and constantly interacting with other students who take the course. Thank you so much.


Things to add to my bio:

*This is the last semester in the Disaster Medicine and Management Program

*I’m currently volunteering with an American Red Cross Disaster Action Team here in philadelphia

*I like to play soccer and basketball,

*I like adopting birds

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