easy 3 page paper on my products attributes at home dog training course and kit

Product’s attributes (CO2, CO4)

For this assignment explain your product’s attributes, which are the specific characteristics that define your product (or service). These attributes can be either tangible or intangible, or both. In addition, check your product’s attributes by including the perception of your consumers. Explain what you can do to differentiate your product from your competitor’s, based on this information. This can be done by asking a couple of your potential customers, and researching your competition.

  • Include a minimum of one scholarly source
  • Written paper of 3 pages
  • Format your paper according to APA guidelines
  • Please review attached assignment rubric

My product description:

My idea is an at home dog training course and kit. The kit will be designed to be put together by the customer. The kit includes a ramp, cones, tunnel, treat bag, shock collar and a command platform. A study-guide booklet will also be included teaching the customer step by step instructions on how to train your dog. Also available is an APP you can download on your smart phone allowing the customer 24 hour access to a professional trainer. It will also have a tracker to see your dogs progress marking goals and timelines along the way. The APP will include the first week free, then the customer will have the option to purchase the subscription on a monthly basis.

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