draft and final paper 1

For this assignment please submit a 750 – 1,250 word paper (approximately 3-5 pages, not including the title page and reference list) focused on a genetic disorder/disease of your choice. It can be a topic explored in the textbook or one you have discovered through your own outside research.

Please make sure your paper includes an analysis of each of the following:

  • Description and symptoms of the disease/disorder
  • Treatments
  • Molecular basis of the disease
  • Prevalence

Your rough draft must be written in full sentences and must include:

  • A title page and abstract in APA format
  • An introductory paragraph that summarizes the genetic disease/disorder and offers a thesis statement which goes beyond a simple description of the disease/disorder
  • Body paragraphs that include evidence from at least two outside scholarly sources such as a peer-reviewed science journal article or e-book from the Excelsior Library. You should not use non-scholarly sources like popular news articles or internet sites. You may also use your textbook and other assigned sources from the course as background information in addition to your two outside sources, but all must be properly cited
  • APA style in-text citations and reference list
  • A conclusion which reiterates your thesis statement and offers some concluding thoughts
  • Proper grammar, spelling, syntax, and formatting

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