discussion post

Please read the article and answer following questions  (with 1-2 quote)

Cyber text covered by Espen Aarseth is a way of setting up the text into a way where it makes the reader want to finish reading whatever they’re reading. Aarseth talked about what ergodic and nonergodic meant. Ergodic text is where the reader can make sense of what they’re reading and nonergodic text is random text the reader has to figure out. Linear and nonlinear text was also brought up too. An example of a linear text is a novel and a nonlinear text is where the reader has to make decisions in the text so there are different outcomes. A simpler way of seeing this is that linear is a set amount and nonlinear text has unlimited choices. Overall, from what we got out of the text is that cyber text is the mechanical structure of the text.


o Is hypertext only for computer literacy?

o What is the difference between old text media and new text media?

o Can you describe cybertext in your own words?

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