discussion death and art

You’ve seen how death can be addressed quite literally in artwork (as in, “look, there’s a skull!”), and also symbolically (“what lovely flowers! –but since they are cut, they will die eventually, as must we all”).

  • For this discussion, in a post, first, talk about your comfort level with visual symbols of death.
    • Note if you would be OK with having a portrait of yourself made in the mode of Holbein’s The Ambassadors, with a skull lurking in anamorphosis on the floor
    • Note if you would you like a calavera portrait of yourself, wearing your favorite outfit.
    • Explain whether you find Kane Kwei’s art-coffins in bad taste, or charming, and say whether you would want to be buried in one –and if so, what shape would you want?
    • Be sure to state whether your feelings come from your cultural background.
  • In the same post, share a memento mori still life painting or a Kane Kwei coffin that you found online. Be sure to identify the artwork by title, artist, date, medium, and museum.
    • It might take a bit of searching to find the museum, but I’d like you to post the museum website where the image appears, if you can.
    • Be sure to conclude your post with your preferred name, so other students can reply to you appropriately.
  • In reply to others’ posts, try to interpret the symbolism in the artwork (the iconography), and what it might mean culturally and universally. Please also share your personal reaction to others’ chosen artworks, noting to what extent your personal and cultural background impacts your feelings about the work.

Remember, students are expected to post thoughtful comments that:

  1. Satisfactorily meet the discussion criteria (cover what is required, according to the directions)
  2. Show depth and insight (Quotes and specific examples are required, not only in showing that you understand the depth of the material, but in making your ideas clearer for your reader.) Indicate that you have done the textbook readings and have explored online material.
  3. Show graciousness, cordiality (niceness and respect) and care (not slap-dash or off-the-cuff).
  4. Show time commitment and attention to all the other posts in the discussion (based on the number and extent of the replies)

Discussions require at least one post and two replies to be considered for full credit. I am looking for in-depth responses (quality) as well as quantity of replies.

I will post two classmate post to replies them. So please make sure there are three post to writ down. One post you have to answer all four question and one online website. Another two post you have to replies your classmate post.

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