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Hi! So these 2 discussion posts have to be 2-3 paragraphs each, citing sources with the authors last name/page #. The book is called Race, Class and Gender in the United States, 10th edition. The article for post 1 will be: Night to his day, which starts page 38-46, Lorber. The second one will be The invention of heterosexuality, page 47-58, Katz. So this is basically 2 assignments for one post (one post will feature page 38-46 answering the 2 questions, the other post will be page 47-58, answering the 2 questions). Thank you, please let me know if I can clear anything up in anyway!

For each discussion post, answer these 2 questions:

1.Social constructs are real—as evidenced by many of the essays in Part 1—in that they have effects. That is different, however, from saying that they are natural or inevitable. They are constructed, and there is historical evidence to prove it. As Judith Lorber puts it in “’Night to His Day’: The Social Construction of Gender”: “Whatever genes, hormones, and biological evolution contribute to human social institutions is materially as well as qualitatively transformed by social practices. Every social institution has a material base, but culture and social practices transform that base into something with qualitatively different patterns and constraints.” What does Lorber mean by this?

2. What happens to one’s view of sexuality when one does not see it as “natural”? How does that influence or change attitudes toward homosexuality or bisexuality, for example? If heterosexuality is a social construct, what about procreation? What role does biology play in the construction and maintenance of sexuality? What happens when one disconnects sexuality from gender? When one stops seeing men as inherently sexual and women as asexual or merely sexualized objects? (Lorber//Katz/Kimmel/Stryker)

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