discussion 2569

Post (125 to 200 words)

Scope: data mining, CRISP-DM and SEMMA, and predictive modeling


Below are 3 Posts (A, B, C) topics, Pick one topic and expound on it. The content will come from your own experiences, observations, ideas, benefits, and/or research. In your Post, use the APA style (with References and In-Text Citation) and it should be limited to 10% to 20% of the Posts’ content. With Replies you may skip the APA format to peers). Replies are 100 words or above.

Pick one “Post A, B, or C” (below) for your Weekly Post.

*** When you are done, please Post your text and submit a Word document as well.

Post A

What are some of the data mining (pp.197-203+) aspects that should lead to business benefits?


Post B

Compare and contrast CRISP-DM and SEMMA (pp. 212-213), and which data mining process/methodology is thought to be the most comprehensive?


Post C

In the opening vignette, predictive modeling (pp. 244-247) is described as estimating the future using the past data. Predictive Modeling Helps Better Understand and Manage Complex Medical Procedures, Why is this important (in- healthcare)?

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